33rd Privikani Lancers

Name: 33rd Privikani Lancers
Nickname/Motto: We Will Survive!
Regions of Activity: Tempest Sphere
Founded: 3761 (Imperial Sphere)
Founders: Exarch Kartal Etresi
Disbanded: Active
Mapower: Approx. 40,000 Ground Troops
Ships: 10 Troop Transports, 6 Strike Cruisers, 1 Dreadnought, 11 Frigates
Current Commander: Nayam Etresi the Mercenary
Recent Employment: Knesp Empire, Tempest Sphere


The 33rd Privikani Lancers are one of the most well known and feared mercenary units in the Galaxy. Originally founded during the Secession Crisis in the 3700's as a Heavy Assault Division the Lancers were a capbable ,but undistinguished unit fielded by the Etresi Dominions. It wasnt until the Revolt of the Exarchs did the 33rd Lancers rise to prominence. One of the units slated for the attack on the Imperial Palace during the Siege of New Vachik the 33rd Lancers were the first unit to break through the Palaces outer defenses and engaged the Palace Guards within the complex itself. Personally lead by Kasairas Etresi himself they fought their way to the Throne room and seemingly captured Sazin VII Vonsachin (Instead it was simply a cloned doppelganger). Fighting their way out of the palace to the drop zone nearly half the lancers were killed or seriously wounded including Kasairas Etresi. However the unit was quickly rebuilt and raised to elite status.

When Kasairas Etresi fled into the Far Reaches of the Imperial Sphere following the Sazin-Ruvari Alliance the 33rd Lancers followed him, fighting in a series of running battles against the pursuing IMS. After fleeing through the Wormhole to the Tempest Sphere. During the Knesp-Exile War the Lancers fought in at least half the major battles of the war. It was the 33rd Lancers who accompanied Kasairas through the Knesp Empire to fight the Shrike. However during the battle Kasairas Drop ship was shot down behind enemy lines and the 118 year old Commander along with his bodyguards were killed before the Lancers under the command of his daughter could reach him.

Following the brief Exile Civil War following Kasairas Death the 33rd Lancers were reconstituted as a mercenary unit under the control of the surviving Etresi Dynasty. Serving throughout the Tempest Sphere ,but especially against the Shrike in the Maelstrom. When the Abolition War began the 33rd Lancers returned to defend the Etresi families Holdings. One of the only Household Units of the Etresi's to survive the Abolition War they effectively became the last bastion of the families former wealth and prestige.