Aira Shimmaddan

Aira served as one of the principle Vachik commanders of the Great Enlightenment Crusade, ultimately leading an expedition into the Terran Sphere. While initially a success as Aira emerged in the Rome System and quickly captured it from the unsuspecting defenders, he continued his assault seizing numerous nearby star systems, mostly small polities which had emerged in the aftermath of the fall of the Solar Union. However this lack of resistance lead to him overstretching himself as he spread his forces thin to capture as much territory as possible, leaving behind only a small reserve that continued to dwindle as the ships were used to replace combat loses due to his tenuous supply situation. However the powers of the Terran Sphere were not idle despite their initial sluggish response they began assembling a multinational task force under the command of the Solar Union Admiral Gregor Zolnerowich. After recieving word Aira beleived this new Coalition would shatter as easy as the Tempest Coalition assembled by the Usurper Masaryk Aleuin. Leading his small central reserve and what forces he could assemble he decided to destroy the combined human fleets in one decisive battle. The Battle of *blank* proved a catastrophe for the Vachik. Aira's fleet was almost completely destroyed even though the Terran fleet also suffered heavy losses it remained mostly unscathed.

Pleading for reinforcements, Vachik High Command sent him hundreds of ships stripped from garrisons around the Imperial Sphere. At this time the Vachik Offensive had completely collapsed in the face of organized resistance. Moving his forces into position he prepared for a rematch against Gregor, this time winning a minor victory that left both sides bruised and battered. Embarrassed by his losses Aira refused to request additional reinforcements and as a testament to his aggressive military actions he refused to consolidate his gains into a "Terran Protectorate" and instead launched an ambitious plan to carve a path 10 parsecs wide to the Sol System and slag humanities Homeworld, believing its capture would shatter the morale of his opponents. The following campaign was one of the worst military atrocities in the history of the Terran Sphere. Rather than waste time and resources capturing and occupying worlds he simply slagged those who refused his offer of surrender. As a result many of the most heavily developed and populated worlds in the Terran Sphere were reduced to rubble. Aira's frenzied offensive took him within twenty light years of Sol itself only to meet its end in the Delta Pavonis system where once again Gregor Zolnerowich and his fleet stood in the way of Aira's goals. Knowing his forces were the only thing standing in the way between this madman and Terra the Human fleet fought like demons, refusing to take an quarter from the butchers who had ravaged the Terran Sphere. Like before Aira's force broke with only a handful of ships surviving retreating headlong back to the Tempest Sphere with the Terrans pressing in from all sides. It was only through the intervention of Harum Merendavi that any of the Terran Expedition managed to survive, with nearly 3/4ths of the fleet destroyed or missing. Along with its commander Aira who had committed suicide rather than face a military tribunal.