Ark class

Heaviest ship in the Alekian Elurdviasha's inventory. Powerful, capable of stopping dozens of smaller ships on its own. Command vessel.

Ark Ship_Leviathan_Titan.jpg
Type Leviathan
Armor Crystallis
Power Plant Quantum Cell
Engines Gravitic Redirector
FTL Drive Warpdrive
Crew Quarters Passenger Suites for 90 people
Crew Quarters for 140 people
Cabins for 958 people
Crew Bunkrooms for 25,280 people
Support Systems Recycler Units for 26,468 people
Deep Stores for 5000 days (full crew)
Weapons 408 Blacklaser turrets
320 Plasma Cannon turrets
760 Tach Rifle turrets
672 Sliver Gun turrets
1,024 Neutronium Driver turrets
468 Kinetic Converter turrets
Total of 3,652 offensive weapons
3,504 PD turrets
Defenses Shield
Repair Bots
Damage Control
Nanite Repair Array
C&C Systems Command Deck
Flag Bridge
Fully equipped Computer Core
Sensors Multiband Radar
EM Detector
Hi-res Video
Hangars & Small Craft 1,150
Miscellaneous Installations Brigs
Cargo Hold
Autocargo system
Evac System
Escape Pod
Sick Bay
Security Suite
Holofield Bay
Fabrication Facility