Cormorant class

The Cormorant Destroyer is one of the more common ships utilized by the Elurdviasha, often used as heavy escort and raider.

Cormorant Ship_Cormorant_Destroyer.jpg
Type Destroyer
Armor Crystallis
Power Plant Quantum Cell
Engines Gravitic Redirector
FTL Drive Warpdrive
Crew Quarters Autosupport Unit
Crew Quarters for 5 people
Cabins for 55 people
Crew Bunkrooms for 200 people
Support Systems Recycler Units for 260 people
Stores for 300 days (with full crew)
Weapons 6 Blacklaser turrets
9 Tach Rifle turrets
9 Sliver Gun turrets
12 Neutronium Driver turrets
Total of 40 offensive weapons
36 Point-defense turrets
Defenses Shield
Damage Control
C&C Systems Command Deck
Attack Computer
Sensors Multiband Radar
EM Detector
Hi-res Video