Manticore class

Main bomber of the Elurdviasha. Utilized to bombard medium to large enemy ships en masse with Tach Rifles and Neutronium Drivers to weaken shields and hull. In service for the Alekian Elurdviasha

Manticore Ship_Manticore_Bomber.jpg
Type Bomber
Armor Crystallis
Power Plant Quantum Cell
Engines Gravitic Redirector
FTL Drive None
Crew Quarters Autosupport Unit
Support Systems Stores for 3 days (with full crew)
Recycler Unit
Weapons 4 Blacklaser emplacements
2 Sliver Gun emplacements
8 Tach Rifle emplacements
4 Neutronium Driver emplacements
Defenses Shield
C&C Systems Pilot Center
Attack Computer
Sensors Multiband Radar