Alekian Elurdviasha

The Alekian Elurdviasha is a powerful but technologically backwards faction led by a being only known as 'Valorin' or 'The Valorin'. The Enlightenment reached it only comparatively recently, with technology considerably lagging behind what might be galactic standards.
Elurdviasha space is one where non-Alekians are pursued relentlessly, to be destroyed or captured as slaves. It is a theo-fascist state from the storybooks, few - if any - freedoms being provided to its citizens, total control by various means being more important than the freedoms of single persons. Slavery is allowed and - in the cases of 'lesser' species - even encouraged.



~15,000 claimed Star Systems (Outposts 50+ people)

  • ~8,000 Planets (1+ million population)
  • ~17,500 Moons (500,000+ population)
  • Numerous space stations


Capital: Ferinh Do
Type: Theocratic Dictatorship
Chief Governing Body: Appointed Governors
Head of State: The Valorin
Notable Government Agencies:

Savahl Rovila
Naval Forces
Prevur Rovila
Armed Forces
Forcida Krenfarh
Intelligence Operations
Sklias Istravan
Ecclesia Imperia
Istrava Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Agronomy
Kayfah Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Trade
Dalika Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Defence
Esturkah Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Education
Glitsirah Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Energy
Istrolh Mjarvlasva
Istrolh Mjarvlasva
Elvasth Sepres Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Internal Security
Leskrafh Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Construction
Terahjus Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Justice
Sinth Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Labor
veSklias Mjarvlasva
Directorate of the Empire
Natrev Sepres Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Internal Matters
Kanestr Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Finance
Motash Mjarvlasva
Directorate of Transportation

While the de jure HoS of the Empire is the Valorin, every solar system with more than 500,000 inhabitants has an appointed governor whose duty is to improve the system's efficiency, raise population and construct infrastructure. These governors have a free hand in most all their policies, even allowed to choose any economic policy they deem most effective.
Military matters, however, are one of the few things they have no control over; Oftentimes, they even have to submit to the orders of high-ranking officers who only report to the Palace on Ferinh Do, where tens of thousands of delegates work daily in the Valorin's and the Empire's interest.

It is thus that one system could have a decently functioning communist government, while the next is a capitalist heaven, even xeno species being allowed to trade there. In a sense, the Empire is a collection of technically independent systems all unified by two factors: Their religion, and Ferinh Do's military forces.

Civilian Information

Population: Exact number unknown, estimated to be on the order of 1 trillion

Species: Alekian

Religion: Valdrinazh

Lifespan: 150 years

Languages: Alekian; In a few cases Xeno languages


Type: Generally conservative (protectionist) Capitalist
Currency: Hed
General Imports: None
General Exports: None


Most Alekian forms of communication require the use of messenger-ships, usually utilizing quite detailed maps of the regions they're supposed to go through. This is mostly for communication with minor worlds with less than 50 million inhabitants, which are not deemed worthy to have FTL communication devices.
Despite this, however, there are quantum-entanglement devices that serve as emergency links to the homeworld, allowing the Empire's fleet to retaliate within record time against invaders.


Elur - Star
Viasha - Empire
Elurdviasha - Starempire, or rather: "Empire of the Stars"

In the beginning, the Alekian homeworld, Ferinh, was split between numerous countries, states and warlords. Technology advanced slowly - even more so than in the european medieval ages - while the population grew comparably quickly, reaching well over a billion before the gunpowdrer was discovered. By the time steam engines emerged and electricity was utilized, there were easily thrice that amount of people on the planet, most of them living in incredible poverty. However, one of the many nations did slightly better, advanced marginally faster, had somewhat less poor people.
Over time, this nation, rules by the Valorin, expanded its area of influence, puppeting some nations, annexing others outright.
Eventually, the entire planet was under the Valorin's rule, which was by the time when he began looking upwards, towards space. By then, the population had reached almost 11 billion, the planet close to being horribly overpopulated. Their technological level was similar to that of modern's earth (~2000 A.D.), the first lasers being used and a few decades before discovering fusion power. Within the next century, several rapid advancements were made, enabling the Alekians to colonise everything habitable within their home system, lessening the overpopulation of their homeworld greatly. However, the Valorin knew that his empire - by then already renamed to the StarEmpire - would need to keep growing, otherwise it would face overpopulation once again.

When the Enlightenment hit the Empire, its technological progress was thrown decades and perhaps centuries back - however, while tens of millions died in the space- and asteroid colonies in the system, scientists and engineers on Ferinh Do's surface attempted to use their knowledge to bring them back to pre-enlightenment standards as soon as they possibly could.
With physics changed, much of their knowledge was useless, and the Empire had to start all over again. This time, however, they learned from mistakes made in the past. Over the next century, the Alekians expanded their influence rapidly over the rest of their solar system, with their first FTL-capable ship being launched in 2783 CE, 158 years after the Wave hit.

From then on, the Elurdviasha expanded even more rapidly, colonising over a hundred worlds within fifty years and attacking the first alien species that would later be enslaved and incorporated into the Empire.
In 3625 CE, the Empire had already reached out to more than 6,500 star systems, further colonisation only speeding up due to ever increasing numbers.
Today, in 4500 CE, the StarEmpire has claimed around 15,000 systems with well over 25,000 larger habitable bodies - planets and moons - available to them.

According to the Alekian calendar, it is the year 2371 IV, "Ifkh Valdrah" or "Year of God"

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