The Alekians are a herbivorous and, in the days before technology, sometimes omnivorous, scavenging species. They presumably originate from Ferinh Do, the main world orbiting around its sun Ferinh.

Species Origins

Homeworld: Ferinh Do
Class: (presumably) Mammalia
Scientific Name: Alekus Rattus Xenosapiens
Evolutionary History: Of the evolutionary history of the Alekus Rattus, only little is known. While they presumably evolved in a similar way as hominids have on Earth, too few skeletons and other such signs of their history have remained, leaving a 'missing links' open on at least 3 different occasions.
Earliest Evidence of Civilization: ~ -10,000CE (-12,129 IV)
Enlightenment Date: 2783CE (654 IV)


Anatomy: The skeleton is composed of a dense calcium phosphate compound. It possesses four limbs and a tail; two inferiorly located hind limbs and two superiorly located forelimbs. These limbs are adjoined to two separate girdles which both connect to a spine running down the posterior side of the body, while the tail is an extension of the spine at the inferior end. Major organs are held in a protective cage in the upper torso, while the brain is housed in a thick protective casing at the superior end of the spine called the skull, or cranium. This skull also houses all major sensory organs. A large muscular system allows for the movement of the skeleton, while a complex circulatory system transports oxygen rich blood around the entire body to provide energy.
Physiology: Alekians walk with an upright gait, using their hind limbs for mobility. Their forelimbs rest in a relatively loose and unspecialised girdle, allowing for a wide array of movements in multiple planes. At the distal end of these forelimbs are highly specialised digits, complete with opposable thumb, lending the species unmatched manual dexterity amongst most other organisms on their homeworld. Their tail is somewhat prehensile, able to manipulate objects rudimentarily. Alekians also possess an extremely developed brain which is housed in the skull. This brain, which is capable of advanced reasoning, logic and language, affords them their high intelligence.
Genetics: Carbon based DNA, levo-amino acids
Reproduction: Alekians become sexually mature after the increased production of specific hormones during a process comparable to human 'puberty'. This typically happens during adolescence (8-13 years old). The species requires internal fertilisation and is viviparous.
Life Cycle: Alekian young, from childhood through adolescence, require a considerable amount of care from their parents, but are not completely reliant of these figures for everything. As a result, alekian society is only partially built around caring and educating the young, especially with a considerable number of children being sold into slavery. The age at which Alekians are actually considered adults usually varies between 14 and 16 years old on different worlds.
Diet: Mainly herbivore. However, they are capable of digesting limited amounts of meat.
Sleep Cycle: Generally require around 7-9 hours of sleep everyday, but Alekians can go without sleep for up to 4 days.


Overview: In general Alekians live their life not very different from how we do it. Each has an own personality and tries to achieve the best with it and the abilities he has. One of the major differences is that they worship the Valorin as their God and think of him as the ultimate force. An Alekian would never even think bad of the Valorin. They are very faithful, often even bordering on fanaticism or zealotry.

Society & Culture

Sexuality: (If Applicable)
Gender Roles: Throughout their evolution, and in early history, males were typically the dominant members of the species. As society evolved, and these conventions became largely redundant, females began to push for more equal treatment. This was often met with resistance and even today this struggle is continuing. Even in modern times the two sexes are not treated with complete equality.
Language(s): Alekian
Philosophical Concepts: <The Dominant Philosophical Concepts of the Species>


Psionic Potential: Yes
Rate of occurrence: Very rare natural occurance
Relative Power: Varies
In Society: In alekian society, people with psionic capabilities - even if slave-born - are generally revered as messengers and ambassadors from the Valorin, empowered by him to serve the Elurdviasha. These males and females are brought to Ferinh Do at a young age and there, in the Valorin's palace, educated in a great many things, their - as perceived by the Alekians - superior minds more capable of learning, taking in information and the like.
In the end, they become the elite forces of the Empire, the feared and respected