Alliance of Free Clients

The Alliance of Free Clients is, after the Tys Kril, the largest international block in the Tysian Sphere, and the primary enemy of the Kril. It was formed in 4789. shortly after the splintering, by seven of the most developed and industrially advanced of the newly independant client worlds in the Dilerek Region, and quickly expanded as more colonies became independant and sought military protection from the inevitable attempts by the Tys Kril to bring them back under control.

During the first century and a half of its existance, it was a tight-knit but unorganised military alliance actively fighting Tysian reconquest fleets and liberating client worlds. The situation at the end of this time was a liberated Dilerek Region and a border with Kril Territory somewhere in the void between the two arms of the Tysian Sphere. An informal agreement was reached with the power blocks of the Kril to mostly demilitarise the space between the arms, and since then Kril-Alliance relations have fluctuated between uneasy peace, cold war, and the occasional skirmish.

The Alliance today is a well-organised military cooperation organisation mostly run by the coreward states of the Scrutum-Crux arm, who would be on the front line in the event of hostilities breaking out again. More rimward nations in the sector generally pay at least lip service to contributing to the defense of the free Tysian Sphere, but seldom provide much in the way patrol fleets or supplies. Other treaty organisations take care of diplomatic, trade and internal military agreements of the region, but the Alliance itself remains an effective detterent against Tys reconquest fleets and an important symbol of the former client worlds