Species Origins

Homeworld: Chorka

Class: Xeno Maltosya

Scientific Name: Hador Anesad.

Evolutionary History: The Anesad evolved from what would seem like Terran Crabs on their homeworld of Chorka, holding an extreme pack mentality, even after achieving sentience, this pack mentality has developed into a Clan System. Many of the evolutionary methods of Survival on Chorka were developed ~18000 CE - ~-4000 CE, such as the ability to be able to 'swap' their arms appendages and their function, which are made of an incredibly tough chitinous material that is similar to fingernails or hair.

Earliest Evidence of Civilization: ~ -18000 CE

Enlightenment Date: 2278 CE






Gestation Period: Two T-months

Life Cycle: Grub, Whelp, Adult.

Diet: Omnivorous

Sleep Cycle: Anesad typically only need 3-4 hours of sleep, helpful since their homeworld was one that is constantly hostile.



Society & Culture

Sexuality: Male and Female.

Gender Roles: The Female is usually equal in size with the male, however the Male has more pronounced spikes and bumps on the back of his carapace, whereas the Female, particularly when it is Ovulating, has a smoother, glossy carapace. The reason for this is because Anesad find a smooth matte black back carapace to be sexually appealing.

Language: Brec

Art/Music: Art is rarely practised outside of a tool for cataloguing historical events, such as battles and a great warlords triumph. Music however is very well practised by the Anesad, as a tool for sharing tales of history, great warriors and wondrous events. Music is usually the folk variety and each family have their own personal musical songs to demonstrate their achievements and strength.

Religion: Etri Vagus accounts for 99% of Anesad religious beliefs, which is a simple worship of the ancestors, particularly those who were great warlords.

Philosophical Concepts: The Anesad are rather obviously, not great philosophers, unless it involves fighting, battles and wars, eating and drinking. They do however have a great deal of warrior-scholars who developed several theories on god and religion.


Psionic Potential: Yes.

Rate of Occurrence: Very rare.

Relative Power: Varies, but emphasis on violence means they are used for harmful ends.

Role In Society: Anesad who are "Mind-banes" (the Anesad term for Psionics) fill a special military role of the spirituality of the Warrior clans, as they are believed to have been blessed by the Gods of War.