Anesad Clans

An Anesad Clan is a loose term for a group of Anesad who have some kind of kinship or descent, but this does not necessarily need to be genetic. A Clan is the only societal structure recognized by the Ark Consortium, the Clan is everything. Every Ark Consortium 'Citizen' considers themselves loyal to their Clan above all, only amusing the idea of a unified nation due to the protection it provides and the ability to project their power and primordial urges across the stars.

An Anesad Clan has a simple, 'trickle down' system of power. At the top of the Clan is the Chief, who leads the clan in times of piece. The Chief then essentially has free reign to choose the political structure of his Clan. Usually a group of Lieutenants or Advisers, themselves fierce and tenacious warriors and leaders, are directed by the Chief to manage the day to day running of the Clan. Below that is the invidual family unit, which is a social aspect as a the leader of the Family is represented as a junior officer below these Lieutenants. The position of Family Leader can be powerful, as an Extended Anesad Family can consist of up to five hundred Anesad. An Anesad Family unit is also sometimes called a House, Kindred or Kinship.

An Anesad Clan is not limited to one planet, or star system, as dominant Clans are scattered around the entire Consortium. Usually however Clans are in one general location to the allow the Chief of the Clan to ensure a strong centralized power. It is not uncommon for entire Clans to control whole regions of space, encompassing perhaps a hundred or so star systems.

Historically Notable Clans:

Current Major Clans

Current Minor Clans

  • House Gutnork, the house where the title of Chief Councillor of the Ark Consortium resides in Chief Magnus Capella.