Anetz Day

A National Holiday for the Federation of Antillia, set by the current regining Premier which lasts for 7 days and nights.


In the late years of the Mandonian Civil War, there were little bastions of which the Imperial government could hold onto. Although it seemed small, the Empire still commanded over 300 star systems with billions inside them. The People's Revolutionary Front realized continuing the war until every planet was captured, while possible, would sap the movement out of support and weaken the new nation that would be established later on. This was further compounded by the "lightening raids" employed by Imperial Naval forces, as they sent a small group of cruiser style ships in a Cruiser Wolfpack to harass lightly defended supply convoys.

In the end, there was a decision there needed to be a knock-out blow, that would cripple political leadership, economic power, industrial might and the military command structure in one or two large attacks. When the goals became clear, the target was obvious: Mandonia. Preparations of the attacks took several months, as the very first People's Combined Battlegroups were established, consisting of Starships, ground troops and vehicles needed to fight in all kinds of conflict.

The attack Consisted of two main battlegroups, the First, dubbed Battlegroup 1, targeted Korinth, another major imperial centre and one of the largest shipyards left in the Imperial territory. The other, Battlegroup 2, targeted Mandonia as they used the attack on Korinth as a distraction. When the 2nd Battlegroup arrived, many Imperial Navy ships had left the Capital System, leaving a force of some 200 ships of different types. This put the Revolutionary forces in an outnumbering position of roughly 3:1.