Antillian Imperium

The Antillian Imperium is a star-nation situated in the [TBA] of the Tysian Sphere. Very little is known of the Imperium's history from 3000+ years ago due to most documents having been burned during the Annexation of the Mandonians by the Pontik. The Mandonians are therefore referred to as a Client Race instead of an independent people/nation.


~8,700 inhabited star systems, Federation of Antillia does not currently lay any claim to uninhabited systems or worlds.

  • Inhabited Planets: ~6,000
  • Inhabited Moons: ~8,000
  • Numerous space stations.


Capital: Mandonia, Desuneres
Type: Socialist Union Republic
Chief Governing Body: National Peoples Assembly
Head of State: Premier

Civilian Information

Population: 9.7 trillion

Species: Mandonian

Religion:Largely secular society.

Lifespan: ~160 years average

Languages: Mandonian First, Dian Nago.


Type: State Socialist market system.
Currency: Antillian Federal Point. (AFP)
General Imports:
General Exports:

Antillian Military.

Because of the vastness of the Federation in terms of people and territory, the Antillian military consists of a large amount of semi-permanent and active Planetary Defence Force soldiers and starships. These ships and men will all be locally sourced. In the terms of men they will be locally recruited, trained on the colony and deployed there in any emergencies. If a major conflict should occur, local PDF's will band together in a system and pool their resources.

Additionally, the Antillian Federation uses People's Combined Battlegroups to serve as a logistical and command structure, as well as possessing some of the most powerful starships and the most well trained and equipped soldiers in the entire Federation. Battlegroups will be recruited anywhere and combined with land and naval elements to make a large force capable of autonomous operations. An Antillian Battlegroup contains roughly 6 to 10 million ground troops, and possesses hundreds of warships, as well as the many transports and logistical vessels required to upkeep the Battelgroup.



The roots of the Antillian Federation stems from their home-planet of Mandonia, a jewel planet that has survived many centuries of strife and warfare that has plagued the Mandonians. During the Antillian Imperium's reign, the Imperial Family ruled, with everyone kept in line using force of the Imperial Corps, what would soon become the People's Revolution Guard, then becoming the Federal Army, more affectionately called the Red Guard.

During the Imperial period, a certain Anthony Anetz lead the Revolutionary people's Front. Anetz, a devoted Communist, lead many colonies of the then interstellar Antillian Imperium against the Imperial Family. The final days of the Revolution played out on Mandonia, in the Imperial Palace where during the final attack on the Palace, Anthony Anetz was shot by a high calibre rifle in the chest. Anetz was protected and managed to survive until the end of the revolution, where he saw the Imperial Laurel be brought down, crashing down onto the marble floors of the Palace, a last act of vengeance of the people of the newly born nation.

That day, Anetz died of his wounds, and the people of the new nation were left with no-one to lead, until the heroes deputy, Benute Harrington, took command and formed a socialist paradise that would "make our Liberator proud".

Mandonian Civil War (3961-4120)

Contemporary Life in the Federation of Antillia.

The Federation of Antillia is obviously a massive polity in known space, having 9.1 trillion people, 14,000 colonies and an absolute huge amount of space that they inhabit. Inside the Federation is a bubble that only wants to deal with contemporary issues inside their own nation, and by default their sphere. The Federation of Antillia recognizes the Known Galaxy uses the Sphere system to differentiate inhabitants, this is not to say the Antillians do. To them, a person from the Terran Sphere and person from the Tempest Sphere are not different in the way they should be treated. They are all inhabitants of the same Galaxy and should be equally respected, this embodies Mandonian thought on all social matters.

Life in the Federation of Antillia is rooted upon cultural upbringings many Mandonians receive at birth. That is, that every person should serve to better the society has a whole, be it in a city, colony, nation or even nation-wide. Mandonians should at all times attempt to help not only other members of their species, but all life when possible. This has created the hear-say of the Federation being Naive idealists, humanitarians, and described as "mamby pambies" by some of the known galaxy's less subtle members.

This is put in practice in Antillian Society with the creation of of communal stockpile centres, that people may trade in Antillian Federal Points for needed items, like food and clothes. This acts as a social safety net and ensures the people of the Antillian Federation will never starve or suffer like they suffered at the hands of the old despotic regime.