The second planet in the Old Vachik star system, Arda is much like its larger cousin Vesta in that both are cratered metal rich worlds doused in radiation. However unlike its cousin Arda orbited far enough away from the Home-star to warrant colonization. Arda morphed into one of the largest industrial centers of the early Commonwealth, operating many manufacturing centers and orbital shipyards taking advantage of the planets easy availability of metal resources and cheap solar power. Avoiding the decline of its neighbors Arda continues to exist as a major shipyard in the modern Imperium producing a mixture of civilian craft and lighter warships for use by the IMS.

Data Panel

Orbital Data

Orbital Position: Second
Orbital Distance: 98916346
Orbital Period: 165 Days 20 Hours
Eccentricity: 0.0404
Inclinations: 1.7793 degrees
Ascending Node: 82.8519 degrees
Periapis Angle: 236.46 degrees
Time Past Periapis: 23 Days
Rotation Speed: 464.5031 Hours
Axial Tilt: 25.5953 degrees

Planetary Data

Density: 0.6
Radius: 2625 km
Mass: 1.0806 × 1020
Surface Area: 86,546,250 km
Surface Gravity: 0.246937 G
Escape Velocity: 3.565 km/s
Geostationary Orbit: 105,724 km
Albedo: 0.39
Mean Temp: 419 Kelvin
Atmosphere Makeup: No Atmosphere


Population: Approx. 71,050,000 Vachik
Major Cities: Esceos Crater, Marane Heights, Katares Crater
Major Imports: Volatiles, Organic Material
Major Industries: Shipbuilding, Manufacturing, Mining
Primary Government: Etresi Imperium


Discovered much like the other inner planets by ancient Vachik astronomers, the planet was named after an ancient Vachik god of metalworking (Oddly fitting title).