Ares Ballistics

Ares Ballistics is a fairly large, independent arms manufacturing company based in the Taurus Sector. Although most businesses within the Taurus Sector are either branches of the Taurus Corporation or its many subsidaries, Ares Ballistics has managed to carve out a lucrative niche for itself thanks to the high quality of its products, even supplying the Taurus Corporation's own military.


Ares Ballistics is by far one of the oldest companies remaining in the Taurus Sector, founded around 30 years before the Taurus Corporation itself in 3446. For almost a century the two companies competed against each other as the general arms manufacturers for the neighbouring human colonies. However, when the Taurus Corporation made its grab for power and siezed control of what is now known as the Taurus Sector, Ares Ballistics realised that in order to survive the coming market domination of the Taurus Corporation, they would have to become more specialised.

With that as their new goal, the company radically restructured itself over the many centuries it took the Taurus Corporation to rise to its full potential. By investing billions in multiple research and development projects, the company was able to make impressive advances in weapons technology. This meant that, although they could never compete with the industrial capacity of an entity like the Taurus Corporation, they were the only company with internal structure capable of producing their advanced weapons on a marketable scale.

Although the Taurus Corporation has made numerous attempts to recreate the specialised infrastructre of Ares Ballistics, the costs have proved impratical and the further advances made during the construction time often render their attempts obsolete.

To this day, Ares Ballistics is recognised as a company which is unparalleled in both its ability to advance and improve its products, while constantly adapting and restructuring to stave off competition.


In general, Ares ballistics focuses on the production of small arms, which are widely recognised as some of the best in the Taurus Sector, if not the galaxy as a whole. However, the company has in recent times extended its considerable R&D capabilities into starship grade weapons, tailoring expensive but devastating ship-mounted weaponry for individual clients.

Small Arms

Starship Grade


The original headquarters of the company Ares Ballistics was spawned from was once located on Mars in the Sol system, but the central headquarters of Ares Ballistics is now located on Diligentia Prime, surrounded by thousands of Taurus Corporation assets. However, the large majority of Ares Ballistics assets are spread widely throughout the Taurus Sector, from manufacturing plants on lifeless industrial worlds, to their many weapons emporiums and central offices in the major population centres.