Ark Consortium

The Ark Consortium was a loose collection of competitive clans of Anesad, giant crab like monstrosities capable of feats of incredible physical strength. The Consortium was a major power in the Tempest Sphere, although because of the nature of the clans inside the Consortium there was, like the Tempest Sphere, a state of almost perpetual conflict and power was constantly changing hands in the Consortium.

The Ark Consortium frequently came to blows with other Tempest Sphere nations, mostly against the Knesp Empire. In past the Consortium embarked upon many conquests of alien races, some successful, such as in the case of the Enslavement of the Savo Race . In some cases, they have been serious failures, such as the first excursion into Knesp Space.
After victories against the Vachik in The Great Enlightenment Crusade the Consortium managed to expand their territory massivley, cutting into territory previously owned by the Knesp and Idaspri.



Star Systems

  • 1,897 inhabited Planets
  • 1,428 inhabited Moons.
  • 1,200 Space stations and habitats.


Capital: Chorka,
Type: Oligarchy at national level, Tribal/Clan councils at local level.
Chief Governing Body: Rift Council
Head of State: Warlord Sura Kant.

Civilian Information

Population: 1.3 trillion

Species: Anesad

Religion: Multiple Pagan beliefs.

Lifespan: 90-140 years.



Type: Mixed Economy.
Currency: Rak.



The Ark Consortium's early history was one that was plagued with war and conflict, mostly isolated in their core systems. The expansion which now marks Ark Territory has been acquired recently, as the Anesad populations lost to war and technological dark ages were re-discovered.

Due to destruction of many historical archives, it is hard to find ancient history dates of the Anesad, and to an extent the Consortium as a whole. Chorka was originally dominated by a half dozen major clans, and after centuries of warfare and the discovery of radio and rocketry, and along with it their military applications, they pummelled themselves into another dark age. Hundreds of years would pass until the Anesad would rise again to comparable technological levels as before. This time however, the multitude of Clans were absorbed into three major Clans, Arshok, Rannock and Bruslov. The polity that then stemmed from the three competing clan was know as the Ark Collection, a rather unrefined name, named because of the famous Ark class slowboat colonization ships that were sent around the star systems around their home system. The Anesad, tenacious, established themselves as the dominant species in their home system, destroying populations on other planets in the system.

Contemporary Life in the Ark Consortium.