Armed Forces Of The Etresi Imperium

Imperial Military Service

While the Imperial military service is only a fraction of the Imperiums military power, it is the solid core of any Imperial Military Force. Unlike the levies drawn from the member states of the Imperium through a Council Lords decree the IMS is entirely under the control of the Emperor, without oversight of the Council Lords. The IMS is primarily funded from incomes from the Imperial Estates and the relatively light taxes imposed by the Imperium on its member worlds. This massive base of income coupled with the heavily industrialized nature of the Imperial Desmense allows the IMS to field some of the most modern equipment and advanced ship designs in the Imperium, and the IMS standing units are the benchmark which all other military forces in the Imperial Sphere are compared to.

Branches of the IMS

Imperial Army

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The Imperial Army is the smaller of the two branches of the IMS, and is responsible primarily for planetary operations either in defending the worlds of the Imperial Desmense or in major offensive actions where worlds must be invaded and re-captured after failing to capitulate following the usual methods of planetary "siege"

Imperial Fleet

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The Imperial Fleet is the main branch of the IMS and is responsible for controling the vast reaches of space between the worlds of the Imperium. The IF is the largest and most advanced fleet Ianthe Etresi Imperium Fielding thousands of capital ships including around a dozen Super Dreadnoughts.


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The majority of the Etresi Imperiums military power is found within its constituent member states, in the private armies of the Exarchates, Vestarchies and Despotates. There is little standardization in the levies and due to the nature of the Imperium vary greatly from one force to the next, often with different ranks, language, capabilities and organization. This was especially disastrous in the early years of the Imperium, before the creation of the IMS under Tepazin the Reformer, as his levied forces were incapable of easily coordinating leading to a series of disastrous defeats which prolonged the regional conflicts of his reign. Naturally the member states of the Imperium are usually unwilling to levy their forces to the Emperor and mobilizing significant forces of levies is difficult to do especially as any deployments must be approved by the Council Lords.

Levy Ranking Classification

First Rank: First rank levies are drawn primarily in large numbers from the main military units of the Exarchates and in smaller numbers from the more elite units of wealthy Vestarchies and Despotates. First rank levies are front line units with quality training and equipment and are capbable of equaling if not exceeding the capabilities of the forces fielded by the Imperial Military Service. Fleet detachments comprise of modern Spacecraft or heavily modernized and upgraded older hulls. Rarely are ships older than 50 years with several exceptions. First rank levies will generally tend towards heavier ships and First rank levies are the only units outside of the IMS which can field battle fleets comprising dreadnoughts and other capital ships.

Second Rank: Are the vast majority of the military forces within the Etresi Imperium and comprise the second line forces of the Exarchates, and the main military units of most of the Vestarchies and Despotates. Second line units are usually also fairly well trained if not to the level of the first rank units, often lacking effective leadership at the higher levels of command. Likewise they are often more poorly equipped with surplus equipment purchased or passed down from first rank units. In regards to fleets ships are generally older and smaller with fewer modern designs and more refits. Capital ships are very rarely fielded and are usually old and outdated if they appear and are almost exclusively flagships.

Third Rank: Are the lower end of the military forces within the Imperium fielded primarily by poorer worlds or as part-time militia by wealthier states. They are poorly trained and equipped with outdated equipment, cast offs of castoffs sold dirt cheap by Second rank forces seeking to modernize. Second rank units are often worthless for anything beyond police work or garrison duty, and would be cut to pieces in a serious engagement by more well equipped foes. Likewise fleets fielded by third rank levies are aging vessels with modern designs being almost unheard of with most ships being obsolete or in the case of militia fleets refitted civilian ships. Not effective in battle, they are mostly used as escorts for troop ships, pirate hunters or as picket's sent out to find the enemy so more effective forces can move in to engage. Third rank units will field no capital ships and most ships are small usually frigates or destroyers.

Policy for rebellious worlds

1. (Attack)Battle Fleet or Strike Fleet moves into the system systematically destroying any opposing fleet elements, orbital military installations etc. Sometimes utilizing marines to capture strategic locations such as He-3 refineries orbiting Gas Giants, shipyards etc.
2. (Interdiction)Interdiction fleet moves in to blockade the system, stationing themselves at jump gates, jumpoints etc. and moving some ships into planetary orbit to oppose ground-orbit traffic. Minor orbital bombardment of non-vital locations may commence in order to scare off resistance.
3. (Negotiation) Negotiators sent in to try to reason with rebellious worlds, and are capbable of conducting limited negotiations
4. (Insurrection) During or if Negotiation fails, special forces operatives are deployed to the planet in an attempt to organize Imperial Loyalists into overthrowing the rebellious government, through either patriotism, incentives etc. Or if failing that support a later assault by the Imperial Army through sabotage intelligence etc.
5. (Assault) Assault fleets escorting troop transports will arrive in the system, and begin a systematic invasion of the rebellious world with Imperial Army forces. Invading force should be no less than 1/100th of the worlds population. Tactical Orbital bombardment will begin in earnest destroying enemy strong points and command centers.
6. (Annihilation) If the Assault fails which is usually rare as resistance usually collapses, the Army will withdraw from the planet en mass, and return to orbit. Then the ships of the Assault Fleet will move into position in preparation for "slagging" the enemy planet. One last request this time only for unconditional surrender will be given to the rebels after 24 hours the fleet will systematically begin bombarding the planet, with either ship based weaponry or dropping Asteroids, Orbital installations onto the surface. While not glassing and the world is "usually" still habitable all population centers will be destroyed and most of the populace killed in the bombardment breaking resistance at the cost of the planet. The sheer destruction of slagging makes it an unpopular and fairly rare occurance.