Arrasel Lelkor The Butcher

One of the most infamous of the Emperors despite their incredibly short reign. Arrasel is infamous for seizing the throne in the middle of council lord delegations following the death of Cidan V Adulis. Leading a Division of IMS troops onto the palace grounds he barricaded the Council Lords in their chambers and executed them one by one until the survivors proclaimed him Emperor. His declaration however was viewed as illegitimate and despite being a former IMS officer only a handful of units sided with the deranged man. Several Council lords most notably future Emperor Mialeir Raisyor managed to fight their way out and escape the Imperial Palace. Returning with their household militia and many IMS units they laid siege to the Imperial Palace which Arrasel barricaded himself in for the better part of the year. Refusing to surrender Arrasel began executing the Council Lords to weaken the attackers morale, however when the Imperial Palace was breached he chose to commit suicide before he could kill his remaining prisoners. As a result of his actions nearly 1/3rd of the Council lords were killed leaving the Empire in a state of disarray.