Artificial Gestation

Artificial Gestation is a form of genetic modification and embryo nurturing technology that can be used to create a more favourable breed of people, people who are stronger, faster, more intelligent and even more beautiful in relative terms. It is a technology often associated with cloning, although the two are not necessarily intrinsically tied.

The subject is "born" inside the machines, after the mothers' egg has been fertilized by the fathers' sperm. This fertilized egg is then grown inside the machine itself, before being genetically screened multiple times and many adjustments are made, such as gender, eye colour, skin tone, and much more, as well as avoiding any genetic diseases.

Artificial gestation is often employed by factions wishing to artificially boost population growth.

It's important to note that such extensive genetic modification is still possible for embryos grown in utero, but artificial gestation allow for the mass production of these individuals from a single gene stock without the need for organic gestation. Arguably, producing several humans from a single genetic stock raises ethical questions about the individuality of these clones, and this is often the reason for such technology being banned in other regions of the galaxy.

Examples of Artificial Gestation in Contemporary usage.

  • One example of a large scale user is the Confederation of Outlying Systems. Out of the 320 billion odd humans in the COS, 60% of them have been born via artificial gestation, a process called 'Iron Wombs' in the COS. This has lead to the Confederacy having many "improved" humans for a lack of a better word, in their citizenry ranks. In addition, specially grown humans are used in the COI Army Rangers, these humans receive a much higher level of gene-modding than their counterparts. They have been born with only one intention, to kill and serve for the Confederacy.