Artificial Intelligence

An Artificial Intelligence, or 'AI', is an artificial construct potentially capable of independent thought, logic, reasoning and in some cases even emotion. It should be noted, however, that a general definition of 'Artificial Intelligence' is particularly difficult to create. This is largely due to both the enormous variance in complexity of so called AIs throughout the galaxy, as well as varying opinion, both scientific and political, on what can truly be considered an artificial intelligence.


Modern AIs

The Role of AIs in society

There are many inherent advantages to using AIs. Most notable is their ability to manage and control many thousands of processes simultaneously at speeds no living organism could hope to match. Although this description best fits the most advanced of these constructs, the usefulness of simpler versions is obvious. However, in spite of this, some cultures have completely banned the use of intelligence constructs. The reason for these bans varies, sometimes based on fears of the potential dangers of such technology.

Those cultures that do embrace the technology often put it to use in a variety of areas. Typically, complex AIs see use onboard starships, in government centres, and in major civilian institutions. Outside of this, restrictions on the use of AIs vary widely, as does the complexity of the AIs in question.

Self Awareness and Ethics

Notable AIs