Baronial Court


The Baronial Court is the ruling body of the Star Kingdom of Rigel. It is made up of the Barons of Rigel and meetings are most often held in the Baronial Courthouse in Carthagonova on the planet Rigel Prime, the capital of the Star Kingdom. Other locations may include an auxiliary courthouse in the city of Palmyra, also located on Rigel Prime. The SSA Courthouse is another, more mobile location.

The King and Queen both sit on the court and share veto powers as a single vote.

Emergency Powers

In times of duress the Baronial Court can vote to usurp power from or act in place of the monarch.


The members of the court are the landed elite of the Kingdom's populace. The barons or baronesses represent their people before the nation and, ideally, debate on their behalf among the other barons. Inclusion in the Baronial Court is automatic upon election and any and all barons are immediately eligible for election as King (or Queen) of the Star Kingdom. Elections are decennial.

Twentieth Court

The Star Kingdom is presently host to the Twentieth Baronial Court, King Siranac III presiding.