Barons Of Rigel


The Barons of Rigel are arguably the most powerful individuals in the Star Kingdom of Rigel.

They meet regularly as the Baronial Court to determine the Kingdom's laws and policies.


The Barons of Rigel are primarily responsible for the announcement, drafting, and legislating of edicts. The barons have supreme authority over their parcels which can only be challenged by the Baronial Court itself and often impose edicts upon their people of their own initiative. However, only the King and Queen can propose edicts which effect the entire Kingdom, which the barons vote upon.


A baron or baroness is elected by the population of his or her land or parcel. Historically, the parcels were all located on Rigel Prime and the earliest colonies had no say in the political direction of the Kingdom. The Edict of Gaia changed this and baronies were set up on other worlds as they gained statehood, greatly improving the quality of life on those worlds in the process.

Current Barons