Baten Vimanuti

Baten Vimanuti was ancient when he overthrew Cidan IV Etresi and murdered the entirety of the Imperial Family. Taking power at the age of he is the oldest Vachik to ascend to the Imperial throne and even more surprising is the fact he managed to hold onto power… and life for an entire decade. Already in his late 20's at the outbreak of the Etresi Civil War, Baten Vimanuti was one of the first nobles to raise a personal militia for service in the war. Using his troops as a bargaining tool he and a collection of like minded lords sided with Bivadi Etresi in exchange for numerous concessions, and promises. After the war Baten was one of the nobility involved in assassinating Bivadi and his children after he failed to deliver on his promises. Putting Cidan II Etresi the explorer on the throne he and his cronies acted as regents effectively seizing control over the Imperium. For more than half a century Baten outlived multiple Emperors and while his power in the Council Waxed and Waned he endured. However shortly after Cidan IV obtained the throne he began to re-consolidate power within the office of Emperor that had been parceled off during the neglectful tenures of his predecessors. Baten originally was unaffected by these moves which mostly hampered his opponents in the Council Lords however in 3010 Cidan issued an arrest warrant for Baten Vimanuti who quickly responded with overwhelming force. With his personal militia and bribed IMS units he stormed the Imperial Palace after pretending to turn himself in, when he was dragged in chains before the Emperor his "guards" turned their weapons on the Emperor and his bodyguards and quickly cut them down. Quickly moving to seize the palace he murdered every member of the Etresi family that he could find and before the night was done convened the Council lords for an emergency session where out of support for defeating Cidan or out of fear of reprisal Baten was elected Emperor by a nearly unanimous vote.

Ruling through fear and corruption he managed to cow the Privakani Etresi's into inaction and keep a tight leash on the nobility. However as mentioned he was old and needed a successor. He intended the crown to go to his grandson Faerin Vimanuti thus establishing a new Dynasty ,but his primary liuetenant Tesirias Prakuski seized the crown and exiled Faering before Baten's blood was cold. Thus sparking the First Imperial Civil War