Biological Weapons

Biological weapons, or 'bioweapons', are an extremely diverse and often ancient branch of weapons technology which encompass a vast number of living, biological organisms as agents of destruction. Although in modern times it is seen as synonymous with fields of research like virology, parasitology and other microbiological studies, biological weapons encompass more than just the weaponised super-bugs of contemporary warfare. In fact, biological weapons have been used for millennia both within and outwith the Terran Sphere, and long before the Enlightenment.

This is because a common theme of early warfare throughout the galaxy has been the weaponisation of local flora and fauna, as well as the natural chemical toxins they produce. While this is less of a reality amongst the civilised species of today's galaxy, some races do continue to make use of these 'natural weapons'. Some races have even gone so far as to genetically modify these creatures to be more suited for combat, while other races have taken the ethically questionable step of designing such creatures from scratch.

Examples of Biological Weapons by Class



Macro/Micro Parasites