Bivadi Etresi

The eldest son of Empress Nasara Etresi, Cidan was proclaimed Co-Emperor with his brother in 2909. However the two brothers were never on friendly terms and war quickly broke out between the two initiating the First Imperial Civil War. Cidan Etresi captured the Imperial Capital on New Vachik and proclaimed himself sole Emperor, while his brother fled to Old Vachik and proclaimed himself Emperor as well. for five years the Imperium was divided between the two powers. However by 2914 the two came to blows initiating all out war between the brothers. Cidan Etresi was defeated and executed by Bivadi. However during the war Bivadi made many promises and concessions to the nobility, though he was unwilling to fulfill these promises once reaching the throne. This naturally angered many of his former supporters and the Council Lords who hatched a plot to assassinate Bivadi and place his nephew on the throne as a puppet Emperor. After his death his nephew Cidan II Etresi was declared emperor.