Black Chevron


Black Chevron is a clandestine research and development organization which is made up of a number of umbrella corporations. It is a secretive organization whose stated mission is the aggressive advancement of Terran life. It is actively hostile toward alien (non-Terran) life and sympathizers.

The organization places a high priority on Clarketech and will go to great lengths to secure artifacts.

Fact list

Name: Black Chevron
Type of group: Clandestine R&D
Date of founding: Unknown
Date of dissolution: Not applicable
Membership count at peak: Unknown



Little is known about Black Chevron. Internally, it's origins can be traced to a group of scientists in the mid-20th century on Terra, who felt that tracking and understanding the most inexplicable UFO phenomena was vital to the survival of the Terran species. The results are unclear. However, they persist to this day in the procurement and study of alien artifacts and technology. Numerous fronts are allegedly connected indirectly to Black Chevron, including several major corporations.

Black Chevron's relationship to the many governments of the Terran Sphere is unclear. All officials deny any relationship with what is widely deemed a terrorist organization by non-Terran governments and organizations. It is notable, however, that no Terran governing body has declared the organization as such. Whether this is because Black Chevron is not a domestic threat is unknown.

What is known is that several important Terran innovations have occurred since the organization supposedly became active; these include mostly military technological advances. The foundation of Black Chevron is touted as being a direct result of advanced technology demonstrations by the former Weimar Republic, more popularly known in that era as Nazi Germany, during World War II. At the close of this war numerous German scientists were imported by various nations for their expertise.

The bulk of Black Chevron research is thought to culminate in the seeding of specific data packets across the extranet which are encrypted in such a way that few non-Terran computer systems would be able to natively handle them. These packets have specific targets and appear without pattern or warning. The collected information contained therein nominally contains designs or plans for Terran-friendly technology which was, prior to Black Chevron's involvement, limited to alien societies.

A group of amateur coders and hackers have formed a group known as DataWatch. One of the primary goals of this civilian group is to track what is thought to be Black Chevron extranet activity.

The Collective

It is unclear what ties Black Chevron may or may not have with the similarly clandestine organization known as the Collective. The bulk of conspiracy theorists aware of the existence of either organization believe them to be separate entities based on their alleged actions; Black Chevron is markedly less refined, less covert, and less manipulative than the Collective, showing highly aggressive tendencies in the acquisition and propagation of technology.

A fringe group of such subculture sophists however insists that the coincidence of two secretive bodies existing with such similar goals is unlikely. DataWatch, the leading experts on Black Chevron, have released their own findings from studies into such reports on the extranet and found it unlikely that the Collective is in any way related to Black Chevron directly, but agree that the similarities and the potentiality for deception exists.

The conspiracy theory community at large considers the two circles distinctive and likely competitors.