Black Hound Mercenary Company


Headquarters: -
Established: -
Disbanded: N/A
Manpower: -
Species Recruited: Humans

The Black Hound Mercenary Company is an outfit of human soldiers based in the Tempest Sphere. These mercenaries, often referred to simply as 'the Black Hounds' or just 'the Hounds' offer their considerable military resources to the highest bidder. As the Tempest Sphere is in a state of near perpetual conflict, the Black Hounds are naturally well funded and well equipped. However, the outfit is exclusively human and does not recruit natives of the Tempest Sphere. Instead, the Black Hounds periodically run recruiting campaigns back in the Terran Sphere.

The Hounds have reputation for success, but also for being particularly violent in the completion of their contracts. For example, a contract requiring the rescue of one individual in a guarded compound will generally result in not only the retrieval of the target, but the outright slaughter of everyone guarding him, and quite often the total leveling of whatever compound he was being held in. For this reason, the Black Hounds are an extremely popular choice for those looking to hire a very hard to ignore distraction team.

The Black Hounds are also credited with the first recorded encounter with the Jorros Swarm during a contract to rescue a missing Knesp research team on the rimward boarders of the Knesp empire. Although the majority of the mercenary team was slaughtered by the newly discovered alien threat, a handful managed to escape and provide the Knesp with an early warning of the coming invasion.