Black Shroud

Fact List

Name: Black Shroud
Type of group: Slave trading group
Date of founding: Estimated at c4200 CE
Date of dissolution: Not applicable
Membership count at peak: Unknown


The Black Shroud is a particularly prolific slaver group based in the Purgatory Cluster. The group is said to descend upon a colony like a black shroud capturing all those trapped beneath it. While such expressions are no doubt intended to inspire a fearsome reputation, the Black Shroud are an extremely successful slaver group, and rarely miss a single person when raiding colonies. The fact that the group is well known for simply killing many of the colonists during these raids only furthers this reputation.

Beyond the fearsome reputation, little is known about the innermost workings of the Black Shroud. It's membership, assets, and leadership all remain largely unknown. It is clear that the group does not recruit openly like many slaver bands, and in fact, there is evidence to suggest that the Black Shroud seeks out and hires those discharged from the military for reprehensible or overly aggressive behaviour. There does not seem to be any other restrictions on recruiting, and members of several species have been associated with the organisation.

The exact location of where the Black Shroud is based also remains unclear. It is definitely within the Purgatory Cluster, but little more than that can be discerned. Despite this, the group is known to operate well outside of Purgatory in the galaxy at large. Naturally, the group strikes at fledgling colonies along frontier regions where military presence is at its lowest. The Black Shroud is also one of only a few groups known to actively target the Gaian Emissaries, believing their terraforming groups to be viable slavery targets.