Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are individuals who may be hired to track down and capture or eliminate another individual for their employer. They are distiguished from assassins and hitmen in that they are typically instructed to bring their target back alive in order to receive full payment. Bounty hunting is therefore generally considered to require a somewhat higher degree of finesse than that of contract killing. Although, as with all such fields, the quality of bounty hunters varies widely.

Bounty hunting itself is general a practice more commonly found in frontier regions, or poorly policed or administered worlds. However, high stakes bounties are often placed on the heads of important individuals within core regions. Such bounties are typically placed by corporate rivals or clandestine groups, but the placement of more standard bounties can come from a variety of sources. More often than not bounties are placed by criminal organisations looking to retrieve an individual who has crossed them in some way; these targets are usually asked for alive so that the organisation can then administer its own retribution upon them. It is not completely unknown for individuals to be snatched from the official custody of a local government only to be delivered into the hands of a criminal organisation.

Despite this less savoury element to the profession, several bounty hunters accept contracts from official sources. These bounty are usually for escaped or particularly elusive criminals, or simply criminals that aren't worth the attention of police or government forces. While fully legal, this side of bounty hunting is generally considered to be far less lucrative.

The League

The Bounter Hunter's League, often refered to as just 'The League', could be seen a self governed regulatory body for bounty hunters throughout the galaxy. It is believed the League was originally formed to settle disputes between bounty hunters tracking the same target. While this remains one of the roles of the League, it is now only one of many.

Today the League not only mediates disputes, but also sets and maintains guidelines and tenets which members must obey, while also taking a small percentage of the pay from contracts completed by its members. In exchange, the League provides these members access to a comprehensive list of available contracts throughout the galaxy, intel on their targets, black market or exotic weapons and armours, help infiltrating heavily policed worlds, and may even bail out or actively rescue captured members. The more prolific members are given access to more of the above and general receive better quality intel, weapons and assistance in general.

League assistance is surprisingly far reaching, permeating deep into the heart of even well policed regions. However, the League is not omniscient, and several regions of the galaxy lie outside its influence. In such circumstances, freelance bounty hunters with strong local connections often have the upper hand.

These bounty hunters, not affiliated with the League, are unable to take advantage of its benefits, but are not restricted by the organisation's rules and restrictions. However, freelance bounty hunters who cross members of the League in some way may in turn find themselves a target of the League and its members. Despite this, many successful non League bounty hunters exist and continue to complete contracts while actively evading not only law enforcement but League retribution as well.