Breach is the informal name of of the asteroid '9103 Diastema' located in the Purgatory Cluster and of the colossal fortress built into the fissure running across it. Much like Solidarity, Breach acts as a (fairly) neutral ground for the many large and small pirate and slaver clans in the Cluster. As a result, the fortress provides a sizeable diplomatic platform for trading negotiations and the discussion of alliances and partnerships, as well as a place for clans to recruit new members and acquire intel on potential targets for raids. While fights and even murders are not uncommon on Breach, its status as a neutral ground is respected for the most part and acts to cement a sense of unity between the various piratical clans of the Purgatory Cluster.

Importantly, Breach is also seen as the last fallback for all pirates and slavers in the event of a co-ordinated invasion of the Cluster by the neighbouring powers. The outer surface of Breach is covered in untold thousands of automated defence turrets, missile jammers, sensor scramblers and shield nodes; while the cloud of rock and debris surrounding it allows smaller, more mobile craft to fire out at invaders while remaining in cover. The inner, habitable portions of Breach consist of a dense maze of tunnels, narrow corridors and maglev rail systems interspersed with airlocks which allow local areas to be vented into outer space. While an organised invasion of the Purgatory Cluster is unlikely, even the galaxy's major powers acknowledge that Breach would require a overwhelming number of ships and boarding craft to subdue if it were fully manned.

A recently publicised series of correspondence reports between the Taurus Corporation's Department of External Affairs and the Confederation of Outlying Systems's Confederate Office of Intelligence have suggested a growing number of pirate clans in the Purgatory Cluster expressing the desire to convert Breach into a fully fledged Starship and engage in raids outside of the Cluster. It is currently believed the pirate clans have neither the resources nor the technical ability required to do this, but the publication of the reports has revived interest in a preemptive invasion of the Purgatory Cluster by several prominent military figures in the Terran Sphere.