Calestare is one of the Taurus Corporation's most powerful manufacturing centres, and is responsible for the construction of assets ranging from simple sidearms to monolithic starships. Much of the planet's surface is heavily industrialised, pockmarked by sprawling manufacturing complexes the size of small cities. Most of the planet's inhabitants live in specific habitation zones kept free from the heavy industry of the greater planet. These small residential districts are often likened to oases amidst a desert of corporate enterprise.

The Taurus Corporation's Control of Calestare is relatively total. The small, contained pockets of habitation amidst the industrial complexes make it easy for law enforcement to maintain order and peace while the dependence of the residents of these habitation zones on external supplies makes any form of dissent particularly unappealing. Coupled with a strong orbital defence, Calestare is considered one of the most secure worlds in the Taurus Sector.