Cerean Anglic

Cerean Anglic is a regional dialect of the Anglic family of Languages, mainly in use in Belters, Cereans from the New Ceres Commonwealth and Old, Some Frontier worlds of certain colonies that have had an influx of Cerean immigrants and even in some rare cases as a second language in some nations, as is prominent in the Confederation Of Outlying Systems Currently.

Cerean Anglic takes inspiration from different languages, such as Scottish Gaelic, Hindi and English employed in Britain, New Zealand and Australia. The roots of the language come from the Colonists of it's name, Ceres. The first colonists to Ceres were mainly Commonwealth nations and with their migration of people they brought along a wealth of culture, making a stirring pot of language barriers. In response to this, the Ceres Commonwealth Council announced they would need to establish a dominant and primary language of which they, as a new colony, would speak. Adapting the standard Anglic language of the time used on Earth, they created a language that has stood the test of time.

While the Language is reasonably successful still, Cerean Anglic remains a minor language, and a "Regiolect" because it still only remains in use in a small region of the Terran Sphere.