Clan Raddeka

Fact List

Name: Clan Raddeka
Type of group: Slaver Consortium/Criminal Syndicate.
Date of founding: 4203 CE
Date of dissolution: Not applicable
Membership count at peak: 112,000


Clan Raddeka is a highly violent Anesad Clan who frequently sack and enslave minor colonies and their populations around the Purgatory Cluster. The Clan is a recent addition to the Purgatory Cluster, and has already ensnared hundreds of thousands of multiple species into slavery. Clan Raddeka is less interested in the economic advantages of selling and buying slaves than it is enjoying the blood-lust of destroying and raising a settlement to the ground, killing anyone who resists. As a result, many of the slaves taken in by the Clan are women and children.

Clan Raddeka possesses a large amount of footsoldiers, equipped with weaponry that is considered far more exotic and powerful than the ones they would be using if they had stayed in the Tempest Sphere. While many soldiers posses some form of non-lethal weapon, they will also carry multiple kinds of laser, kinetic and plasma weapons. As well as this, each Slaver Anesad possesses a large, crude close combat weapon, typically a knife but it can also take the form of a bludgeon.

Because of the large size and violent nature of the Anesad that populates Clan Raddeka, it is difficult to maintain solid leadership. The current Chief, Maccubus Bretoni, has commanded over the Clan for sixty years, an unprecedented amount of time. Even in a later stage of his life, he is still an intimidating opponent, and has managed to hold together his lieutenants by engaging in single combat with would be usurpers forty times during his rule. While the challenges to his rule are to be expected, what is not to be expected is the incumbent to triumph over each challenge, time and time again. With his strong leadership Clan Raddeka is in a powerful position, even if it is one that is bathed in blood.