Clan Trident

Fact List

Name: Clan Trident
Type of group: Pirate Clan
Date of founding: c5400CE
Date of dissolution: Not applicable
Membership count at peak: Est. ~250,000


Clan Trident is currently the most powerful known pirate clan in the Purgatory Cluster, eclipsing even its closest rivals. This is largely because the clan was formed from an amalgamation of three of the most powerful pirate clans in the region. While the clan still cannot compete ship for ship with even smaller professional navies, few navies are actually fast enough to catch or intercept the clan's small, well equiped raiding parties. In recent times, the clan has become a significant problem for the many nations relying on Roman trade lanes, threating the already fragile peace between the Terran Sphere and the Purgatory Cluster.

The clan is composed of three main branches, each considered a prong of the metaphorical trident. When Clan Trident was formed, the assets and members of each of the three individual founding clans were formed into one prong of the trident. The left prong was formed the Bostani Scroungers, a clan well known for its talented engineers and access to powerful military hardware. The right prong was formed from X's Brawlers, a clan of brutal close combat fighters specialising in boarding actions, who were lead at the time by the powerful Anesad Pirate lord, X. The centre prong, and tip of the spear, was formed from the the assets and members of the Sashii Raiders, a clan renowned for is talented pilots and formidable warships.

Working as one, the newly formed Clan Trident was able to field the best pilots in the region in ships equipped with top of the line modifications and weapons systems, supported by boarding party shock troops that even professional military vessels would have trouble combating. The end result has been a pirate clan so devastatingly powerful that it has gone unchecked for over a century.