Coalition Of Serna



Star Systems: 103


Capital: Serna
Type: Corpratocracy Confederation
Chief Governing Body: Executive Panel
Legislature: Directory Board
Judiciary: Corporate Trade Courts, Sector Judiciaries, Colonial Court Systems
Head of State: Chief Executive
Military Organizations:
• Space Forces: Corporate Security Fleets, Coalition Naval Authority, Colonial Defense Fleets
• Ground Forces: Corporate Security Forces, Provost Marshalls, Colonial Guard’s
Intelligence Services: Espionage Investigation Bureau, Internal Security Agency, Sicariat, Coalition Intelligence Service, Various Megacorporate Intelligence Agencies
Political Parties: Megacorporate Alliance, Free Colonies Alliance, Militarists, Colonial League, Expansionists

Civilian Information

Population: 89 Billion est.
Most Populous System: Disputed Between Serna & Ternas
Species: Predominately Human
Lifespan: 120-150
Languages: Serrenic, Anglic


Type: Free Market
The Megacorporations: Comtense Corporation, Kov Technology, Enterion Shipbuilders Alliance, Ferox Drive Yards, Namerean Industries, Horizon Fabrication, Nova tech, Avison Mining, Nyseth Nanosystems, Lumonautics, CAS Armaments, Gentech Systems
Currency: Various Corporate Scrip, Coalition Standard Trade Dollar


The communications of the Coalition of Serna is above Terran Sphere average, with the vast majority of extranet communications handled by the Comtense Corporation which utilizes a large array of Data Drones which link together the various system nets of the Coalition of Serna. However the other Megacorporations retain their own data drone systems to transport classified or highly sensitive data, but this accounts for very little of the Coalition of Serna communications market share.


As the Solar Union began to decline throughout the 5000's its economy declined as well, especially hard hit were major colonies located in what is now known as the Serna Cluster. The Megacorporations of the Serna Sector while not as far reaching or powerful as the Taurus Corporation realized the need for stability and knew it was not possible within the tumultuous Solar Union. Agreeing to at least temporarily set aside their differences and rivalries the Mega corps succeeded from the Solar Union without serious protest. Using their economic might and private security fleets the Megacorporations quickly managed to bully nearly a hundred nearby star systems into joining the "Serna Consortium", this action however raised the ire of the Solar Union and lead to a series of short inconclusive wars in the 5200's which effectively accomplished nothing, but placed greater strain on the Solar Union and saw the loss of some star systems from the Consortium.

While never regarded as a military power, the Coalition became one of the economic powerhouses of the Terran Sphere. Managing a robust and diversified economy that dwarfed that of many other Solar Union successor states. However during the Great Enlightenment Crusade the Coalition of Serna was targeted by Aira Shimmaddan and the Terran Expedition. The lack of a unified military beyond the small CNA (Coalition Naval Authority), lead to an ineffective response to the Crusade, with the corporations mostly focused on protecting their assets rather than the Coalition as a whole. In an echo of Aira's later mad drive to Sol, the Serna System was slagged by the Vachik Crusaders. In an attempt to break the willpower of the Coalitions leadership and citizenry and while heinous was a successful move.

After the Sack of Serna the seat of power shifted to the Ternas System, and around 23 remaining worlds within sector free from Vachik control sent out a desperate plea for aid against the Alien invaders. The collapse and destruction of the Coalition of Serna sent shock waves through the Terran Sphere, and the pleas of the surviving Sernians lead to the formation of an Anti Vachik task force by the major powers of the Terran Sphere. Surviving the Great Enlightenment Crusade albiet barely the Coalition of Serna would never recover.

Contemporary Life

Before the Great Enlightenment Crusade the Coalition of Serna was one of the wealthiest polities in the Terran Sphere (On a per capita basis) and it was reflected in the lifestyle of its citizens especially in regards to the corporate elite. The widespread destruction during the Crusade changed that. Once highly tolerant of aliens and outsiders (After all the Coalition was formed to support trade and commerce) a highly insular and xenophobic society emerged. While still on relatively friendly terms with most of the Terran Sphere states they have focused their attention inwards and refuse to deal with any non-human polities and actively discriminate against aliens within their borders. Entering the Coalition as a Vachik is tantamount to a death sentence, if the government doesnt imprison and execute you as a spy, you are likely to be dragged into the street by an angry mob and murdered in a misguided attempt at revenge.