Colloquialisms are informal words and phrases commonly found in every day speech and make up an important part of the modern galaxy's varied lexicon. Colloquialisms are diverse and varied amongst the many species of the galaxy, but some will cross the species barrier and end up in use amongst larger, multispecies groups. Although many colloquialisms often refer to common aspects of post-enlightenment society, many may address issues of species, and can often be intentionally offensive.

Inoffensive or Friendly Species Related Colloquialisms

Military Related Colloquialisms

  • Glassing - A universal term for extremely heavy orbital bombardment of a target, often to the point of complete annihilation.

Offensive Species Related Colloquialisms

  • Ape(s)/Monkey(s) - An offensive term directed at Humans by several non-human species. It is used to imply stupidity and primitiveness.
  • Bug(s) - An offensive term directed at insectoid species by Humans. Insectoid species dislike the link being drawn between them and the simplistic, frail insects found on Earth, creatures to which they have no evolutionary ties.
  • Ghoul(s) - Is a common offensive term directed at the Vachik primarily by Humans, the insult is based on the Vachik’s pale skeletal appearance and their softspoken voices. Which are characteristics reminiscent of the undead in several human cultures.

Sociological Colloquialisms

  • Splicer(s) - A common offhand human term for genetically modified inviduals. It is not generally seen as offensive.
  • Backwater World(s) - A common expression in the core which refers to frontier worlds. It generally implies the backwards nature of frontier colonies, and is widely regarded as an insult by those who live on the frontier.
  • Belter - Term for individuals who spend most of their lives living on asteroids or similar, or is otherwise a member of a belter culture.
  • Runner - A term common in the late Second diaspora, applying to groups that would relocate or become nomadic in order to avoid absorption into the Solar Union or, more rarely, other expansionist nations.
  • Vatman (or similar) - A sometimes offensive term used to describe those born using artificial gestation.

Political Colloquialisms

  • The Corp - a common term for any powerful Corporation, mostly used in Terran Space. It can also be used to refer to the Taurus Corporation.

Technology Related Colloquialisms

  • Junker - A Human word used to describe an outdated and ill-maintained starship. The term is common amongst pirates and smugglers who tend to use these types of ship.
  • The 'net/The web - A universal term for the Extranet.

General Colloquialisms

  • Dirtside, Planetside, etc. - On the surface of a celestial body, not in space. Generally used by spacers.