Confederate Army

The Confederate Army is the land warfare branch of the Confederate Military. It commands the large number of regiments that stem from all over the colonies in the Confederacy. The regiments are managed from several key millitary positions, Harvid, Cote Da Zur and Gladsheim.

Current deployments

High Intensity Operations

Low Intensity Operations

Nation Dates Deployment Details
New Ceres Commonwealth 4342- Present 234th Army Air Wing The Confederate Army has had a long period of friendliness with the NCC, and since 4342, has deployed an Air Wing there, consisting largely of Gunships and VTOLs to train Cerean Pilots.

Permanent Postings

Nation Dates Deployment Details
Taurus Corporation 4498- Present 133rd Infantry Division, 89th Armoured Division and 38th Army Air Wing Part of the the training programmes set down in the Rubanari Union, the Confederate Army sends similar sized units to train with T-Corp military forces every two years.

Formation and structure

Name Squad Platoon Company Brigade Regiment Division Corps Army Army Group
Personnel 6 24 96 576 2,304 11,520 69,120 276,480 1,382,400
Contains 2 Sections (3 men) 4 Squads 4 Platoons 6 Companies 4 Brigades 5 Regiments 6 Divisions 4 Corps 5 Armies
Commander/Leader Squad Leader Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major-General Lieutenant-General General

The Structure of the Confederate army is split broadly into the Regular Army (full-time professional soldiers, officers and units) and Army Reserve (part-time reserve soldiers, officers and units). The Confederate Colonial Militia is not an official section of the Confederate Army, but is for the broader Confederate Military structure.

The Confederate Logistical Command (LOGCOM) and High Command (HIGHCOM) are involved in the operations of the army, but are semi-separate entities.


Infantry Weapons


Rietal Harrower


The Confederate Army (CA) mainly recruits within the Colonies of the Confederacy; it normally has a recruitment target of around 10 million soldiers per year, however this changes every year as well.

Training establishments

  • Officer Academy Arcadia.
  • Officer Academy Harvid.
  • School of Army Engineering Harvid.
  • School of Army Engineering Gladsheim.
  • Military Academy Burton, Brenodi, Jekotia, Cote Da Zur, Galadine and Enidine.
  • Military Reserve Academy Brussel, Jayville and Cordellia.

Ranks, specialisms and insignia


The Confederate Army during the foundations of the union of the colonies served in a largely law keeping function between states, mainly due to the fact there was very little state control at the foundation of the Confederacy. The Confederate Army was dwarfed by the local planetary defence forces and militias that each planet maintained. In wartime these forces were called upon to augment the 'National' army.

However upon the signing of the Treaty of Outlying System and subsequent turmoil that preceded it, the Confederate Army became the sole land based military force in the Confederacy, with issues of planetary defence, peacekeeping and foreign expeditions now under it's remit.

Currently, the army is divided into the Regular Army, Army Reserve and Confederate Militia.

The Confederate Army is divided into 6 different geographical commands:

  • Confederate Army Sol currently headquartered at (somewhere near Sol)
  • Confederate Army Pheonix currently headquartered in the Eridanus System
  • Confederate Army Delphi currently headquartered in the Harvid System
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