Confederate Office Of Intelligence

The Confederate Office Of Intelligence (COI) has been coined as "The invisible Hand" by many Terran Sphere, and COS, inhabitants, More commonly called "Spooks" however. The COI is the primary intelligence gathering body of the Confederation. Funded by massive amounts of money from the Confederate coffers, the COI has managed to employ many agents, soldiers and workers to power it. Specialising from intelligence gathering to hostage rescue/capture even up to full blown out special operations missions, the COI handles it all.

The COI is quite possibly, one of the largest organization of it's type, the COI in addition to having thousands of psionic and well trained agents, commands a fleet of stealth ships (TBD), Battalions of Specially trained Marines that are on said ships and conduct large scale COI operations to the specially born and bred Rangers from special Iron Wombs, they are born to fight and die for the Confederation, but unofficially they pledge allegiance to the COI.

Away from these melodramatic subdivisions of the COI are the "regulars", the Internal Security Bureau who protect the Confederacy from internal threats inside their home turf. While the ISB has limited powers and are unable to act so effectively like their big cousins because they are unable to curb civil liberties rooted in the constitution, once again, the other subdivisions can and do blind-fully ignore all civil law pertaining to citizen protection.


There are quite obviously many criticisms of the COI and the way it acts in regards to all external and internal operations. Many argue that the COI acts as if it is the highest authority in the COS, blindly ignoring command from Military High Command and the Confederate government.