Confederate Space Corps

A Confederate Space Corps Insignia worn by all members of the CSC on their uniform.

Confederate Space Corps (CSC) is the division of the Confedera Military that is primarily based around space warfare, primarily the protection of Confederate borders,holdings and transportation and escort of Commercial shipping, as well as supporting the "grounded" sides of the military organisation.

The Confederate Space Corps has deep roots in the Confederate Space Division, that was the ancient precursor to the Confederacy. It has a proud tradition in being one of the oldest military establishments in the COS, the Confederate Army being the oldest. Over time, the CSC has grown and its roles have expanded to cover not only patrolling the Confederacy's borders, but also in the transportation and spearheading of military action and defensive/offensive action, providing support with allies of the Confederacy, working with other similar organisations in training and coordinated operations (The Rigellian Star Armada and the Taurus Corporation Navy, respectively)

The Confederate Space Corps operates a multitude of different models of Starships, a majority of which are designed, built and assembled in the Confederacy. The COS possesses a high degree of industrial development and therefore is able to field the necessary amount of ships from different types, although the COS has never been a great enthusiast in terms of super-heavy starships. The COS focuses on medium sized vessels that can be more easily produced and maintained.

Space Corps Composition

The CSC at full strength and including the Reserve Corps, possesses 4,000 (Huge guess, will change) starships (Not including shuttles, fighters, bombers and light transports of varying types,

Frontline Combat Craft:

  • ~500 Coordinator patrollers.
  • ~420 Harrower Light Escort Corvettes.
  • ~230 Arcos Corvettes.
  • ~190 Firebrand Destroyers.
  • ~95 Harbinger Frigates.
  • ~65 Portsmouth Battlefrigates.
  • ~68 Talon Light Cruisers.
  • ~105 Noron Cruisers.
  • ~97 Majesty Heavy Cruisers.
  • ~56 Proxima Assault Cruisers.
  • ~45 Broadsword Battlecruisers
  • ~27 Radiance Battleships.
  • ~65 Magledan Missile Cruisers.
  • ~63 Exeter Light/Escort Carriers.
  • ~40 Harrier Carriers.
  • ~11 Hercular Super-Carriers.
  • ~11 Amphion Light Dreadnoughts.
  • ~7 Euphrates Dreadnoughts.
  • ~2 Polaris V Monitors.

Transport, Logistical and Support Craft.

  • ~340 Estonia Transports.
  • ~110 Warhorse Logistical Transports
  • ~70 Providence Industrials.
  • ~100 Ariel Electronic Warfare Cruisers.
  • ~15 Ambassador Command Vessels.