Construction Ship

Construction ships, also known as linelayers, are almost completely autonomous ships that carry most of the advanced equipment for the construction small jump gates in frontier regions, while many specialised components have to be carried to the construction site, most linelayers are capable of manufacturing the majority of the structure from resources gathered and refined in-situ.

The construction of a jump gate link this way can take years, and it is often notably smaller than most links constructed conventionally, but nevertheless linelayers see use on the frontier due to the fact they can jump far ahead of the existing network and, when working together, can create a route many jumps long in the same time it takes to construct a single link.

Note, however, that although construction ships are mostly self-sufficient, the gates themselves are not. And will still require extensive maintenance and fuel supplies.

Mass production of linelayers is widely considered the ultimate cause of the Linelayer Wars.