Control Tower

Control towers are the single most well known piece of engineering from the Tysian Sphere. These large structures serve as the government and military command structures of recently acquired occupied worlds of the Tysian Sphere, sometimes remaining the prime center of government for centuries.

Commonly, once any space based resistance has been neutralised, one or more pre-fabricated control towers are shipped in from a pre-existing colony and assembled in orbit. They are then utilised as the galaxy's largest drop pods during the ground invasion, being dropped either on the outskirts of major population centers or right into the middle of them. Once the fighting has died down enough, the tower is straightened and connected to what is left of the local infrastructure.

Although at first glance these methods seem like a criminal waste of resources when far simpler and cheaper structures would suffice, a large part of the benifit of control towers is one of psychology. The sight of a fully intact control tower rising far above the shattered remains of what was once a great city is an effective way of breaking the spirits of any would-be revolutionaries. And critical pieces of infrastructure such as food production for the Tysian garrison, war factories, power plants and most importantly landing sites can be housed within the fortified tower, protecting them from insurgents. This includes not only infrastructure for the tower itself, but the surrounding city as well. By doing this, the population is rendered dependant on the occupation force, and any successful revolt, however unlikely, would destroy important infrastructure.