Conventional Weapons


A conventional weapon is any weapon which does not cause destruction on a large scale and sees frequent, widespread use. A conventional weapon is typically small enough to be wielded by a single being or mounted on a small to medium sized platform or vehicle.

For larger weapons, see starship grade weapons.

Known Types


A knife or a sword are examples of bladed weapons. Though archaic and seen as savage by some cultures, advances in materials science and the changing battlefield has ensured that they remain relevant. Currently, heat blades and vibro blades are at the forefront of this category. More primitive bladed weapons are seen with some regularity in ceremonies and ritual rites.


DEW is an acronym for directed energy weapon.

Despite their expense and their massive levels of energy consumption, directed energy weapons are the most common in the galaxy, particularly as starship grade weapons. Examples of common energy weapons are blaster and laser pistols and rifles. Feeding and maintaining such weapons has been the most difficult hurdle for engineers to overcome over the centuries.

Another type of DEW is the Flux compression generator.


Among the oldest of conventional weapons, firearms have fallen from ubiquity but are still found wherever expense is an issue. A firearm is a weapon, cased or caseless, which uses a chemical propellant to hurl a bullet or a shell (usually in rapid succession) as a projectile. Firearms come in many sizes and variations, not the least of which are the autocannon and machine gun.

The pinnacle of firearm technology is currently considered to be the gas gun.


A hybrid weapon is a weapon which combines aspects of two or more categories. The most common type of hybrid weapon is the railgun. These weapons are usually very expensive to produce and field (due to logistics), but offer relatively unmatched destructive potential. Hybrid weapons are generally not restricted to the limitations of the weapons they are related to.

Anti-shipping space mines are a form of hybrid weapon, combining sophisticated electronics with devastating payloads.


Also referred to as a missile, a rocket is a guided or unguided, self-propelled aerial or orbital vehicle. In military applications the missile or rocket typically carries a destructive warhead of some kind to the intended target, whether it be an object or location. More often than not large rockets are equipped with weapons of mass destruction. Their versatility makes them quite popular.

A torpedo is a specialized form of missile featuring many systems usually found only in military vessels on board. These weapons are designed to operate with a large degree of autonomy, allowing them vast effective ranges and enabling small craft to be effective in combat against much larger threats without taxing an energy grid or mass budget inefficiently.

The Galactic Armoury

Different variations on the many weapons types above can be found throughout the galaxy, manufactured by different species and corporations. It is common for certain species to prefer certain weapons types over others, often leading to an increased quality in the standard of their products. For example, the Knesp are well known for their extensive use of DEWs, and energy weapons manufactured by Knesp corporations are recognised are some of the highest quality DEWs in the galaxy. It is also worth noting that weapons legally manufactured in some regions may be illegal in others.

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