Corporate socialism

Corporate Socialism (Corsoc) is a form of corporate government wherein (nearly) all enterprise within a state is state-controlled. Citizens are all employees of the state, receive their wages from the state, and buy their goods from the state. The goal of the state in this scenario is to make each citizen as productive as possible, so that larger amounts of resources are available to the whole. These resources can then be used to raise the quality of living for the people, and reduce the amount of labour time required from each employee.

Proponents of this system say that this provides a highly meritocratic state, where the government has a direct motivation (Money) to keep the living conditions of the people as high. Resulting in states efficiently fufilling their own needs, allowing for rapid growth and high living conditions for all.

Opponents of this system say that it encourages widespread oppression of the people by placing tax revenue and productivity above all else, in some cases even criminalising low production. Resulting in states filled with poor living conditions, underpaid workers treated as little more than slaves, and a rich and pampered executive elite. There are also many who argue that Corsoc is far closer to national socialism, wherein the people serve the needs of the state, than it is to true socialism where the state serves the people.

Corporate socialism is most commonly practiced on small, relatively isolated colonies with large amounts of room to expand into, but it is occasionally seen in the inner Hinterlands or even the outer Core.