Crime is the breach of rules of which a governing body has set in place. As the counter balance to law and order, crime in its many shapes and forms has existed since the dawn of civilisation, and has appeared within the societies of almost every known species. It is often said that the explosion of opportunity and freedom brought about by the Enlightenment and FTL travel has, in fact, encouraged a new, stronger breed of criminal throughout the galaxy.

This school of thought is not unfounded, as the almost unmonitored frontier regions of many spheres have become breeding grounds for those seeking to avoid and subvert the law. Pirate clans prowl the frontier, hitting supply vessels from wealthier regions of space; drugs cartels synthesise powerful new narcotics for distribution to the core of a sphere; while slave traders raid frontier colonies to gather new 'merchandise'. All these illegal practices and more are common amongst the frontier, however not all crime is limited to these regions.

In fact, extremely large criminal syndicates, like The Web, have the resources and influence to run operations all over the galaxy, from the frontier of the Terran Sphere, to the core of the Imperial Sphere. Similarly, skillful individuals in trades like assassination often operate even within heavily policed sections of the galaxy, using their considerable abilities to avoid detection. Other organisations choose to base themselves in the turbulent Purgatory Cluster, using it to set up a headquarters outside the jurisdiction of the major powers.