Crusade Era

Major Events

Fall of the Enclaves - The Eternal Imperium and the Vachik-Prosperity Sphere invade the Vachik Enclaves.

Operation Swift Fire - Vachik Exiles with their Tempest allies attempt to recapture the Enclaves from the Etresi Imperium.

Operation Absolution - Imperial Vachik launch attacks on the Idaspari Commonwealth, Knesp Empire, Shrike Enclaves and the Ark Consortium officially beginning the Great Enlightenment Crusade.

Battle of the Array - Vachik Imperials destroy the central communication systems of the Knesp Empire effectively crippling the Empires military deployments forcing them to sign a ceasefire surrendering large swathes of territory to the newly formed Tempest Protectorate. In exchange for breathing space to regroup and re-organize, hoping the Vachik will batter themselves bloody against the Anesad and Jorros.

Operation Greater Light -Vachik Imperials after securing the ceasefire with the Knesp and Zaltiel launch a series of expeditions through various Wormhole Termini they have captured. Arriving in at least the Terran Sphere (Possibly Tysian as well).

The Terran Expedition - Under Aira Shimaddan, the Vachik launch a successful invasion of the Terran Sphere seizing numerous worlds with little organized resistance. One of the polities to fall in the initial onslaught was the Megacorporate State the Serna Consortium which alerted the Terran Sphere to the severity of the Vachik threat.

Battle of Cornucopia - Aira Shimaddan's drive for the Sol System is stopped 20 Ly Short of his goal in the Cornucopia System. Gregor Zolnerowich defending his Homeworld smashed the Terran Expedition in one of the largest space battles in Galactic history utterly breaking the back of the Vachik invasion of the Terran Sphere and turned the tide of the war against the Vachik.

Major Figures

Imperial Vachik

Sazin VII Vonsachin the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Imperium
Lani Viska Lord Protector of the Tempest Sphere
Harum Merendavi General of the Imperium responsible for defeating the Knesp and saving a portion of the ill-fated Terran Expedition
Aira Shimmaddan Also known as the Butcher of Serna was responsible for the deaths of billions in the Terran Sphere and for his heavy losses during the Terran Expedition.

Exile Vachik

Masaryk Aleuin Leader of the Vachik Exiles and the Tempest Coalition


Gregor Zolnerowich: The leader of a temporary alliance of the inner Terran Sphere's collective military forces during the Vachik incursions.

Tempest Sphere