Currency is a fundamental concept for any advanced race. It signifies an evolution from primative 'barter' based systems, and ultimately allows for the construction of fully functioning modern economy. In the early stages of civilisation, most races have used objects of relative rarity which are not easily subjected to forgery as a currency. Typically, this results in naturally occuring minerals being used for many early currencies. For example, throughout much of Earth's history, Humans used gold and silver as an exchangable currency.

In the modern galaxy, such individualised currencies are impractical, and many large regions of space fall under a single standarised currency. Additionally, the vast amount of monetary exchange throughout the galaxy has necessitated an almost purely digital economy, with physical money being a rare site.

However, out on the colonial frontier of many spheres, simpler economic systems tend to be more prevalent, with some even regressing to partially barter based systems. In these regions it is not uncommon to find obscure types of physical currency being used, often rendering the standardised digital currencies of civilised space worthless.

It is worth noting that a handful of physical currencies are still in active circulation in some of the more civilised systems as well. A notable example of this being the Star Kingdom of Rigel's Canath. Such currencies are popular amongst the syndicates of the galaxy's criminal underworld thanks to them being almost untraceable compared to electronic transfers. This means that physical currencies are often seen as shady business in and on themselves in some regions, and may be refused as untrustworthy or sought out for novelty value.

Notably, in the Federation of Antillia, the currency, the Antillian Federal Point (AFP) is used a safeguard system for a communal pooling of needed resources. These include but are not limited to: food, water, basic equipment and clothing. These Communal pools will "sell" these products at a much lower price, some costing just one AFP. Currency in some civilizations can mean more than simple money, but an effort by society to improve.

Alien Currencies