Data Drones

Data drones are the backbone of the extranet at any level beyond worldnets. These high-speed freighters carry enormous amounts of physical data storage devices, ferrying information around in the form of tangible cargo.
They are a common sight throughout civilised space. Only the most willfully isolationist settlements are not visted by data drones at some point, however, frequent visits from data drones can be expensive, and as such some systems may only be visited once a year, resulting in very slow and often out-of-date access to the extranet.
In contrast, hub systems may see a data drone arrive every few minutes, bringing in new and updated data for the local mirrors along with request upon request for copies of that data.

In sysyems with a high traffic density, a drone may not actually cross the system itself, and only ferry information over a single jump gate link (Sometimes even being integrated into the link itself), leaving the rest of the communications to local comm lasers and such. However, this is not always possible if the data carried requires high levels of security.