Demi Suits

Demi-Suits are mechanized carapaces or robotic bodies that a Knesp pilot usually directs into combat. Demi-Suits are distinct from traditional 'Mechs' by being smaller and far more manoeuvrable. Demi-Suits are usually referred to as Battle-suits, however Demi in Knesp Third Click means 'Balance' and Demi-suits give Knesp soldiers just that: a near perfect balance between speed and firepower.

Demi-Suits feature heavily in the Knesp Armoured Core domestically, recently however export versions of Demi-suits suitable for usage by Humans, Idaspri and Keequay have been developed and exported.

Demi-Suits are named after Karrion Demi, the Knesp scientist who developed the reactive neurological gel named after him, Demi. Every Demi-Suit is lined internally with these gel and through it the pilot of the robotic suit enjoys a connection to their suits that is almost organic in nature, to the extent that the suit is almost like a second skin. With the Demi gel, the need for the suit to tap directly into the neurology of the Knesp directly, thereby exposing them to nerve damage, is avoided and the pilot can connect and disconnect from his suit almost instantaneously.

Examples of Demi-Suits:
Sentinel Mark VI (Currently in active service)