The destroyer is a small warship, larger than a Corvette and roughly similar in size to a Frigate. The primary role of the destroyer is fleet escort and they either mount numerous point defense systems or a few heavy weapons systems. They may also operate as patrol vessels in small groups. Destroyers typically have a length of 120 to 200m, depending on available resources, industrial infrastructure, technology and the intended role.

They are valued for their low cost and high mobility.

Known Models

Etresi Imperium

Destroyers in the Etresi Imperium are were originally relegated to the great battle-fleets of the Exarchates and the IMS itself. These small vessels are usually relegated to escorting the much larger dreadnoughts providing point defense against missiles or drone swarms. However modern destroyers have become far more versatile with many expanding beyond their original purpose to fulfill a variety of roles. This is aided by most modern designs of 4500 being highly modular capable of being quickly re-fitted as the situation requires.

Most Common Destroyer Classes of 4500

Serden Class
Maaravad Class