Diligentia Prime

Diligentia Prime, a planet covered in huge, sprawling cities, is the de facto homeworld of the Taurus Corporation (the true homeworld of humanity being Earth). It represents the Corporation's seat of power in the Taurus Sector and is located in the Diligentia system.


Data Panel


System name: Diligentia System
Region: Terran Sphere, Taurus Constellation.
Alleigiance: Taurus Corporation

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position:
Rotation Period: 27.3 hours
Orbital period: 2.36 years
Classification: Ferrinean, CiGaian
Radius: 7,034km
Gravity: 1.02 G
Surface Area: 622 million km2
Atmosphere: 1.17 atm
Average Climate: 24°C
Surface Composition:
Primary Terrain: Terrestrial
Satellites: 1


Population: Primarily Human
Major Cities:
Major Imports: Food, raw industrial materials
Major Exports: Pharmaceuticals, domestic products
Primary Government: Taurus Corporation Planetary Headquarters


First Settled: