Directorate Of Emigration

Name: Directorate of Emigration
Type: Government agency
Nation: Solar Union
Formed: 2779
Disolved: 3996

The Directorate of Emigration has both been celebrated and reviled, being the agency that directed emigration beyond the borders of the Union, it was seen by many as a means for those wishing to avoid Union rule to leave peacefully. However, it also sought out dissidents in cooperation with (secret) police and coerced those dissidents to leave the Union. As such, it had a conflicted image throughout its lifetime, being seen as both an admission that the Solar Union was not right for everyone, and as an iron fist that could banish anyone from the core of humanity's sphere of influence.

Initially formed in 2779 in the aftermath of the bitter Jovian War, it started of with both aspects of its function straight away, playing a large role in the weeding out those supporters of the Jovian Coalition still willing to take up arms against the new system government. At the time, imprisoning or executing so many people was seen as infeasible and barbaric respectively, instead they were effectively exiled to the colony worlds, being sent on their way with little more than the clothes on their backs and promises of a brighter future.

Over the decades, the directorate became smaller and less significant as the population of Sol became used to Union rule, effectively becoming the bureaucracy behind the transport vessels ferrying the occasional exile to their new homes.

All this changed in 3000, as the millenium policy referendum shifted the focus of the Union to expanding outward. The directorate became a vital element of the bureacracy of each newly integrated colony, allowing those who resented the Solar Union but had not already left to do so, voluntarily or not. It continued in this role until the frontier revolution, and in this time it found itself the focus of anti-unionist sentiment, being known almost exclusively for forcing people to leave their homeworlds.

During the frontier revolution and the resulting consolidation, the DoE became far more focussed on removing undesirables than anything else, worsening its reputation on fringe worlds even further, to the point where it rivalled infamous secret police organisations in terms of the hate directed at it. As a result, the funding and authority of the directorate were reduced continually throughout the consolidation.

The directorate was formally disolved in 3996.